GMB Posting Features

Schedule Your GMB Posts Today

Create automated GMB posts from our interface or bulk upload via CSV.


Make GMB posts immediately or schedule them in the future. Bulk schedule posts through the CSV to get your month's work done in one hour.

Post Chaining

Daisy chain your posts by automatically inserting a link to your previous post.

All Post Types

Post Offer, What's New, Product, Event and Standard posts through the LocalViking interface.

RSS Feeds

Local Viking automatically generates RSS feeds for your entire account, as well as for each individual property you manage.

No Account Limit

With the exception of Chains and Businesses with 10 or more locations, Local Viking can manage as many unique GMBs as you have.

Keyword Tracking

Each account gets a pool of keywords to track across your listings. We support zip code level tracking.

CSV Post Uploading

Download our example CSV export and upload your posts in bulk.

Supports Spintax

Local Viking optionally supports spintax for the content of your posts. Quickly and easily schedule posts with unique content by leveraging spintax.

Location Insights

See your most important GMB location metrics at a glance. Quickly identifies wins and issues by viewing trends over time.

The Local Viking Beta Testing Offer:

We're offering an introductory opportunity to get in on Local Viking at the ground floor. Right now, Local Viking can help you manage your GMB posts, track your GMB rankings, and edit your GMB location information at scale. We've developed a number of advanced GMB posting features (Bulk CSV Uploading, Post Daisy Chaining, RSS feed) and we're actively developing more features.

Our roadmap includes building out comprehensive tools around your GMB reviews, as well as a version 3.0 enterprise Citation Management suite. This week we're opening the doors today for a once-in-a-lifetime introductory deal to Local Viking. Every account created during this deal will be grandfathered lifetime low pricing.

Sign up today and manage all of your properties, across an unlimited amount of Gmail accounts, from one location. Let LocalViking help you automate your GMB posting strategy so you can gain more exposure and generate more leads from your Google My Business properties.

Introductory Pricing


Frequently asked question:

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any point in time from your Billing Settings page.

Can I Add Sub Users?

Yes, you can add as many users in your organization as you need.

How does pricing work?

Subscription tiers are based on the total number of locations you have across all of your Google accounts. Keyword packages can be purchased a la carte.

Is Local Viking Safe To Use?

Yes, Local Viking uses the Google My Business API and is an authorized app. We only make authorized API calls and all functionality falls within the Google My Business guidelines.

Do you have support?

Yes, we have live customer support available during US business hours.

Is this a one time deal?

Yes, prices will be increasing in the not too distant future.