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Ask a GMB Question

There are a lot of questions about your local listings and presence you might want to ask.

We help resolve issues and answer questions that digital agencies and local businesses have with their GMB listings every day. Whether you're dealing with a listing with low visibility, issues with suspensions, reviews or any other aspect of GMB, chances are we've seen it before.

Sometimes sitting around and waiting for Google's support just doesn't cut it. We manage 100,0000+ listings and oversee thousands of GMB campaigns which gives us nearly unprecedented experience in Google My Business optimization and management.

Some of the areas we can be particularly helpful in:

  • Service Area Businesses
  • Franchise Listing Management
  • GMB Optimization
  • Problem Troubleshooting
  • Location Moving
  • GMB Photos

How It Works

Before asking your question, here is what you should know.

Anonymous Your email will never be published and any identifying information about your listing or business will be removed.

No Solicitation The Knowledgebase exists to help agencies and local businesses with their GMB questions. Please don't solicit any products or services.

Respect All questions and answers submitted to Local Viking knowledgebase will be respectful in tone and nature or they will be moderated by staff.

Search First Please check existing questions & answers to ensure you aren't duplicating a question that has already been answered.

Simply fill out the form below and click submit and you'll get a response from one of the Local Viking GMB experts in 48-72 hours.

We'll get back to you in 2-3 business days.