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Thanks Mark. Yeah we love it. It is an amazing tool. And thanks for sharing this.

Just signed up for Local Viking's yearly package. This is so badass and it's going to save me so much time. I'm hoping the GeoGrid feature gets implemented for SAB's like was suggested...

Just signed up for the training and will be looking over it today...This tool looks phenomenal!

Just manually posted an image and spun content to 30 GMBs in about 20 minutes. Can't wait to figure out the bulk upload. Huge time saver. Did run into some issues but support was on it and figured it out right away. Local Viking definitely has my approval.

I have just signed up a few hours ago and wow I cannot stop playing with the tool. Really amazing and love it so much. Also the YouTube videos by Chaz Edward are really super informative. I will hit your support up on Monday with a few questions though. Thanks so much.

...must admit I do get a bit of an erection every time I open the Geo Grid interface, works better than viagra.

Do ya'all advertise Local Viking? None of the agencies my peers work for have heard of the company. It's a fantastic product. Should be more prevalent.

Awesome I just used the Geogrid search today to put together a report that is going to help me land a huge client tomorrow!

Using this already and it's amazing!

I'm in the geogrid all day and seriously love it.

I used this yesterday on a client and it's really powerful to see the city and all of the ranking points show positions. They are an attorney and their main keyword hit #3.. they were excited.

Super exciting. Canceling local falcon now!!"

Great software.

Local Viking is honestly the sh*t. Only thing I can think of siphoning more out of you guys are maybe some examples of GMB post/offers you're using to drive calls/conversions.

...I have been pushing it to a couple of my bigger web dev groups. Talking about local SEO and how it's a great additional service to small business websites.

That GeoGrid is the coolest. Super fast and meaningful way to check competitor rankings.

Great training and EXCELLENT product..just purchased and ready to put it to use.

Local Viking is going to transform the way we look at rankings at our company. Perfect tool to use in conjunction with Chaz's ranking strategies.

FYI, I am loving this software. If you are managing multiple GMB listings you will too.

Definitely the best software I've seen in the last 12 months. And the best GMB SaaS bar none.

I use LocalViking and AgencyAnalytics together and get pretty similar data. The BrightLocal 'tool' and incognito searches leave a lot to be desired when considering the hyper local nature of 3pack results.

Kudos to the chat support at Local Viking.. I was very pleasantly surprised to get the help I needed after getting the Out Of Office auto response... David jumped on and helped me sort out the issues I was having with bulk upload. Great job and a fantastic tool.

Definitely the best software I've seen in the last 12 months. And the best GMB SaaS bar none.

Will be moving all my rank tracking over to Local Viking this week. Other trackers just suck compared to LV.

This is a no brainer, I got the Enterprise full year.

Signed up yeseterday and this product is awesome, Highly reccomend.

I am getting familiar with the Local Viking platform, and this thing is pretty badass! Especially when thinking about the advice that Mark an Chaz gave on the webinar concerning micro-optimization. Excited to try it out.

The GeoGrid with rank numbers embedded is a game changer because I can visually show clients before and after tying into +ROI is key. So difficult to do without a tool like this.