Fully Managed GMB Services

Let our team of GMB experts handle 100% of your optimization and monthly management.

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Fully Managed GMB Services

We partner with agencies and individuals to apply our expertise, systems and teams to your Google My Business listings.


Review Management

We'll quickly respond to reviews for your locations and alert you when one needs your attention.


GMB Posting

We create and post a content calendar for your locations that showcases your best reviews, industry news and more.


GMB Profile Photos

Data enriched images uploaded to your GMB listings weekly.


FAQ Posting

A consistent drip of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) posted to your GMB helps increase monthly GMB activity.



We'll configure a monthly report to be delivered to you (or white labeled for your clients) showcasing your recent GMB victories.


Account Manager

You'll have access to an account manager that will be able to give you updates and make changes to your strategy.

"If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine." - Jim Barksdale

This is one of our favorite quotes over here at the Local Viking camp. Opinions, especially in a space ran on the foundation of algorithms in which we have no access, are as valuable as a tulip bulb in Holland circa 1638 CE.

We prefer data. Speaking of data we manage and have data on over 100,000 GMBs. ~1,000 of those per year are performance based client listings in which we put in the 3 pack for their desired terms.

The rest are simply listings we can extract ranking and usage data from (posts, insights, reviews, etc.) and better learn how to tailor campaigns for the best results.

I am not saying this to make a “we are the best” claim or imply you should only listen to us, just to showcase that we try to make data backed decisions. Binary. 1s and 0s. Running tests and using the results to guide our campaigns in new directions, to optimize our processes so we are always as efficient and effective as possible.

This means when we release products to the public they have already been tested thoroughly and deemed an effective enough piece of the puzzle to be sold a la carte. As we release DFY services we will also be releasing process documents so you can train a team to do them yourselves and case studies showing their real life utility inside of real campaigns.

Let our seasoned team of experts lend a helping hand while you concentrate on bringing in more clients or any of the other tasks required from the many different hats you wear as an owner/operator/manager/etc.