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How to Harness the #1 Lead Generation Channel for Local Businesses with the Local Viking GMB Framework

Rank better, faster with sustainable and safe strategies
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No theory, just hard-hitting strategies
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Get a true A-Z masterclass in ranking your GMBs without spending countless hours browsing blogs and forums,
overspending on courses that teach generic strategies, or listening to refhashed "last years" tactics that just are not working any longer

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Here are a few agencies/freelancers that got early access to our book and here is what they had to say:

"I can confidently say that Local Viking's GMB Ranking Framework is essential reading for anyone, at any level, who wants a no-fluff comporehensive guide on ranking in the map pack."

Abdul Ahmed

"The information in Local Vikings GMB Ranking Framework is top notch. The way it is presented makes the information actionable and easy to understand. From beginner to advanced, anyone will benefit from reading this."

Allen Levings

"Loved the Ebook and learned a lot. If you are involved in local SEO in any way shape or form, you will also love this ebook and learn a lot."

Keith Bruss

Look, you’re busy running your business. Worrying about everything and it can be tough to stay cutting edge.

Google is constantly updating its algorithms. How can anyone keep up? We have staff whose entire job is to test, review changes/updates, and patents. Never again worry about missing something or falling behind.

This content has you covered.

The only problem is if/when we decide to actually publish, the free ebook will go away and only be available to those who buy the book. I hate false scarcity. There is a chance we never publish and this offer is free forever.

But, why risk it? The download is free. No strings attached.

Click the button. Download the free book. Rank GMBs with effectiveness known to few but will be envied by many.

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