Maps and local rank tracking, done right.

Track how your location ranks from different coordinates within your market.

What does it do?

See your location's visibility from every corner of the area you serve.

We leverage the Google Places API to give you a granular look at how your GMB ranks across its city.


Live Search

Enter any non service-area business and a keyword and see how the location ranks across the grid.


Archiving coming soon

Weekly automatic reports on select keywords, so you can have visual proof of your increases in visibility.


Report Spam coming soon

Report spam GMB locations directly in the GeoGrid interface so you can keep your SERPs clean.


Use Your Own API Keys

Enter your own API keys for maximum flexibility and zero Local Viking limitations.

Local Rank Tracking

And track where your website shows up in search on both desktop and Mobile.

Simple Design

See Your Rankings & Most Important GMB Location Stats In One View.

GEO Results

Location data is automatically pulled from your GMB location.

Credit System

Flexible credit system so you can track exactly what you need to.

SVG Arrow

Creates a smooth and fully integrated Local Rank Tracking solution.

Local Rankings

Map pack rank tracking for your GMB properties and locations.

Organic Rankings

Track organic google positions for your GMB's website for any SERP.

Integrated Dashboard

Rank tracking for each location shown in a unified and simple to navigate dashboard.

Mobile & Desktop Tracking

Mobile & desktop rank tracking for organic google SERP tracking.

Location Based Targeting

We automatically pull the lat/long from your GMB to center searches around.

Manual Spot Check

Links directly in your dashboard to manually click and inspect local search results.

Join hundreds of other businesses tracking their local rankings with Local Viking.