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GeoBooster allows you and your team to create and publish impactful content while on the job.


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GeoBooster allows businesses to easily create and publish exactly what Google and customers want: relevant, fresh, rich content.

Whether you're a baker or any other professional, consistently creating content for your website can be a pain. GeoBooster lessens this pain and allows you to turn ordinary moments into meaningful marketing content for your small business.

Real World Use Case

How to use GeoBooster to Boost your Bakery Marketing

Everyone loves the smells coming from a nearby bakery. Everyone. Those smells can only reach so far. In today's day and age, you need to use the internet to attract new customers.

GeoBooster can be a great tool for a bakery looking to attract new customers and increase their visibility. Here are some ways that GeoBooster can help a bakery earn additional revenue and climb in the local rankings:

  • Showcasing their products: A bakery can post geotagged images of their products on GeoBooster, showcasing the various baked goods they offer. For example, they can share pictures of cakes, pastries, bread, cupcakes, and more. This can help potential customers understand the quality and variety of the bakery's offerings.
  • Describing their products: The written captions on GeoBooster can be used to describe the various products provided by the bakery. These descriptions can highlight the bakery's expertise in creating high-quality baked goods and demonstrate their ability to provide a wide range of products to meet their customers' needs. By providing detailed descriptions, the bakery can help potential customers understand how they can meet their specific baked good needs.
  • ULocation-based marketing: Using geotags, the bakery can target potential customers in the local area, increasing their chances of getting new business. By appearing in the search results of potential customers who are looking for bakeries nearby, the bakery can improve their visibility and attract new customers.

Overall, GeoBooster can help a bakery showcase their products, target potential customers in the local area, and build a strong online presence that reflects their expertise and professionalism, leading to more business opportunities.

The Sky Is the Limit

GeoBooster Moments are streamed to your website, Google listing and social channels - giving you an opportunity to communicate with your customers and potential customers consistently.

Show them completed jobs, before & after pictures, new equipment or products - you name it.

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