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GeoBooster allows businesses to easily create and publish exactly what Google and customers want: relevant, fresh, rich content.

Whether you're a dermatologist or any other professional, consistently creating content for your website can be a pain. GeoBooster lessens this pain and allows you to turn ordinary moments into meaningful marketing content for your small business.

Real World Use Case

How to use GeoBooster to Boost your Dermatology Marketing

Skin health is a popular subject matter on the internet. Many influencers recommend products to their audiences and make suggestions about which procedures to get. When those audiences search for a nearby dermatologist, you want to make sure you show up.

GeoBooster can be an effective tool for a dermatologist to attract new clients and market their services. Here are some ways that GeoBooster can help a dermatologist attract new patients.

  • Showcasing their services: A dermatologist can post geotagged images of their work on GeoBooster, letting the public know about the various skin treatments they offer. For example, they can share pictures of acne treatment, Botox injections, laser treatments, skin rejuvenation, and more. This can help potential clients understand the range of services provided by the dermatologist.
  • Describing their services: The written captions on GeoBooster moments can be used to describe the various services provided by the dermatologist. These descriptions can highlight the dermatologist's expertise and demonstrate their ability to address specific skin concerns. By providing detailed descriptions, the dermatologist can help potential clients understand how they can help them achieve healthy and glowing skin.
  • UEducational content: The dermatologist can also use GeoBooster to post educational content, such as skincare tips, information about skin conditions, and the latest trends in skin treatments. This can help the dermatologist build their reputation as a skincare expert and attract potential clients who are interested in learning more about skincare.

Overall, GeoBooster can help a dermatologist showcase their services, target potential clients in the local area, and build a strong online presence that reflects their expertise and professionalism, leading to more business opportunities.

The Sky Is the Limit

GeoBooster Moments are streamed to your website, Google listing and social channels - giving you an opportunity to communicate with your customers and potential customers consistently.

Show them completed jobs, before & after pictures, new equipment or products - you name it.

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