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Attribute Not Sticking In GMB Dash

Is anyone else having the issue with 'Offering' and 'Planning' not sticking in GMB dash? Any time I add attributes they don't stick.

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Attribute Locking And Reporting The Issue

Attributes not sticking when editing through the GMB Dashboard can be extremely frustrating and usually don’t last long if it’s an error on Google's side. A few reasons the attributes might not be sticking under Offering and Planning might be due to the following reasons, unfortunately: 


  1. There’s an error on Google’s side. If so, you can report the error by reaching out to GMB Customer support and explain the situation to them. If they are not swift about resolving this issue for you, keep reaching out and be persistent with your request. Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

  2. Suggested Malicious edits on your account. One of your competitors could be maliciously editing your GMB to sabotage.


A tool to avoid malicious edits on your account would be the Attribute Lock functionality inside Local Viking. It allows you to add the correct information on the GMB and if there is an edit, the software programmatically switches it back to the correct information so you don’t have to go in and do anything. This functionality is really helpful when managing your GMB. Local Viking offers many tools to help manage your GMB. 

To report an issue to Google My Business support, go to and select the category that pertains to your issue. After doing so make sure you’re very clear and descriptive about the problem you’re experiencing so that a representative is able to resolve it in a timely manner (hopefully).

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