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How do I make a suggest edit and submit it to Google?

How do I make a suggest edit and submit it to Google?

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How to Submit a Suggest Edit to Google

Google allows us to make suggest edits on listings we feel hold inaccurate information.  When you find a listing with inaccurate information,  look for the Suggest an Edit button.  This button can be found on the knowledge graph or the google map result of the listing in question.  Click the button and you will find two options.  

The first option is the Change Name of Other Details option.  This option is for suggesting edits to a listings name, category, address, and more.  If you found a listing has moved, submit a suggest edit for the new address.  Maybe the business phone number is inaccurate. Let Google know that and Google will research the suggestion, and let you know if the suggest edit went through or was declined.

The second option is the Close or Remove option.  This suggest edit is for saying a listing has since closed down, a fake listing, or a duplicate listing.  Many times, a business shuts down and leaves their GMB listing up.  It is also common to find duplicate listings of your own business or of others.  Suggest edits are a great way to help keep Google Maps clean.

Once a suggest edit is sent out to Google, you will get an email notification saying Google is researching your suggest edit and will get back to you with the results.  If your suggest edit is approved you will receive a followup email thanking you for your contribution to Google Maps.  This contribution helps with increasing your Local Guide level as well.  If your suggest edit was denied, you will not receive a follow-up email.

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