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Multiple Listings At The Same Address

Hey guys, has anyone ever made multiple GMB's in the same address, but for different categories? Like auto body shop and auto repair, auto glass, etc? I made a few at the same location for my client, but I wasn't sure if Possum would filter the other GMB's even if it's in a different category. Let me know what you guys think!

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Listings Sharing An Address

Having multple listings at the same address won't be an issue as long as the listings are:

  • NOT service area businesses
  • NOT competing for the same keywords in the SERPs

If you are creating listings at the same address as service area businesses, you run the risk of getting all of your listings suspended as this can be viewed by Google as extremely spammy behavior.

In order to remain compliant, you should only be creating multiple listings for different businesses. If you have a single business that offers multiple services and you are creating multiple listings for each service, you are breaking the Google TOS and will most likely get all of your listings suspended. In this case you would want to set your primary category as the service that drives the most revenue for your business and add the other categories as secondary categories.

There are also cases where you might have a listing that is 'inside' of another listing, usually referred to as a department. Auto dealerships might have an Auto Body Repair listing within the listing and hospitals might have specialized departments within them.

In conclusion, as long as your businesses are actually separate businesses (according to their business licenses) or you have a 'department' situation, you won't have any issue with multiple listings at the same address.

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