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Does a Virtual Office Company Being Located In My Building Put Me At Suspension Risk?

If there is a virtual office company, such as Regus, in the same building as my company, am I at risk of being suspended?

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Virtual Office Companies Put You At A Higher Risk For Suspension

Yes, if Google sees a virtual company in the same building as your business, you are at a higher risk of being suspended despite you having a unique suite number. If you do get suspended, once you show Google your business signage and paperwork, Google will restore your listing.  

Proving to Google that your business is real can take some time.  To speed up the process, ensure you fill out as soon as you can.  Filling out this form is a requirement before Google support will assist you.  Have your images and business paperwork ready to send over.  The more Google has to wait for items to be sent, the longer it will take for their engineering team to investigate.   

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