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What changes can cause a suspension to my GMB listings?

What changes can cause a suspension to my GMB listings?

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What changes can cause a suspension to my GMB listings?

Google My Business is a very sensitive platform.  Every single change made to your listing can potentially cause a suspension.  Sometimes it's for a legitimate reason, other times, Google’s spam filters might be more sensitive in your particular market.  Whatever the case may be, let's review some actions that have a high chance of causing suspensions.

Making changes to your name.  This is a sensitive section and making a big change or to many small changes can result in a suspension.  Let's say your listing is Bob’s Law Firm and you change it to Bob’s Law Firm LLC.  This is considered a small change and will likely not result in a suspension.  If you then change it to Bob’s Law Firm PLLC, then to INC etc you can become suspended.  Likewise making a change from Bob’s Law Firm to Sally’s Law Form or something more extreme like Bob’s Restaurant will likely result in a suspension.

Changing the Primary Category has a higher than normal chance in resulting in a suspension.  Making a change from Personal Injury Lawyer to Law Firm likely won't cause a suspension but changing from Personal Injury Lawyer to Restaurant has a high chance for a suspension.  Adding secondary categories that have nothing to do with the primary category can also lead to suspensions.

Making a change to the address will likely not cause a suspension but Google can ask you to re-verify your listing.

Changing the link from the home page to say a location page is likely to be fine.  Changing the link from your website to a whole new website can likely cause Google to reject the change or suspend you.

At the end of the day, any change made, even something as simple as adding a holiday time can cause a suspension.  Weigh the risk vs reward and make a decision from there.  Be aware that some changes are more sensitive than others. 

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