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How to Claim your GMB Listing under the Control of Someone Else

What to do if someone else claimed my Google My Business listing?

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Claim Back your GMB Listing

It is not uncommon for a business owner to discover their Google My Business profile is being controlled by an outside party.  It is possible that the listing was left in the email account of a former employee.  Some people also try to claim your listing for malicious reasons.  So how do you resolve this issue?

Google acknowledges this is an issue and has steps to reclaim your listing.

Go To and fill in your Business Name and Address
After choosing the right business from the search results, press Continue
If another person has already verified your business, you’ll see a message indicating that someone else owns this business
Now comes the main step! Tap Request access and fill out the form
Click Submit. When you've finished the way toward requesting the ownership, the current listing proprietor will have 7 days to respond.
Three cases can occur now!

1: Your request gets approved! You will be notified by an email of your approval.
2: Your request gets denied. You will be notified by email that your request was denied.
3: If you don’t hear back, in 7 days you might have the option to claim the listing yourself.  
To claim the listing, you will be given the option to send out a pin.  Once you receive the pin and enter it, you will regain access to your Google My Business listing.  At this point, you should go to the User section and remove all foreign users on the account.  You have now regained control of your Google My Business listing.  Be sure to optimize your listing with the correct name, address, phone number, and website.

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