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How to Claim and Verify a Google My Business Listing without Receiving Mail

I want to claim and verify my Google My Business listing but I am unable to receive mail at my address. What can I do?

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How to Go Through A Manual GMB Verification

If you are unable to accept mail at your business you must still try to verify your listing by postcard or by phone.  To claim a location, go to your Google My Business dashboard and click Add Location.  If you can verify by phone, then congratulations, you have successfully verified your listing without having to send a postcard to your address.

When verification by phone isn’t available for you then you must send the postcard knowing that you will never receive it.  Once 14 days have passed, log back into your Google My Business dashboard.  You will need to click on the Contact us button.  In the 1st step, say you are looking to merge a duplicate listing with your original listing.  For step 2, select the Instant Verification option and click Next Step.  For step 3 you will need to email the Google support team.  Fill out the form with your basic information.  When you get to the section asking you to explain the situation in detail, tell google that you are unable to receive the postcard and that you would like to go through the manual verification process.  

Wait for Google to respond to your request.  It takes about 48 hours or so for Google to respond to you.  As you wait, gather images and videos showing off that you are indeed a real business.  Be sure to include your business signage and clear shots of where your clients go.  Once Google gets back to you, give their support team all the information proving you are indeed a real business.  If Google feels they need more proof, they might ask you to do a live video walkthrough of your business.  After you’ve passed the verification process, your listing will appear in your Google My Business account.  Congratulations, you are now ready to optimize your newly verified Google My Business account.

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