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What does an optimized GMB listing look like?

What does an optimized GMB listing look like?

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What does an optimized GMB listing look like?

Once you create or claim your Google My Business listing, go to the info section. Your goal is to fill out as much information as possible. Fill out your business as it's portrayed to the public while keeping the name as accurate as possible to the name on your business paperwork. For example, if your business paperwork said Bob's Law Firm LLC, an acceptable name would be Bob's Law Firm. An example of a name against Google's terms and service is Bob's Law Firm - Personal Injury Attorney or Bob's Law Firm - Dallas.  

Next, you will choose a Primary Category. This is one of the most important sections you will fill out. Be sure to pick the category that best describes our business. If you are a law firm that practices personal injury law, then Personal Injury Attorney would be your best category. Law Firm is technically correct also but is considered too broad for a primary category. You also have the option to fill out secondary categories. This is where you could put Law Firm or Lawyer as secondary categories describing your business.  

If you see customers at your business location, fill out your address, if you don't see customers at your location, leave this part blank. The address used on your Google My Business listing should be the same address reflected on your website. 

If you visit your customers to provide services, such as a babysitter, list out the areas that you service.

Fill out your store hours to show when you are open for business.
Fill out the More Hour section for services done at particular times. For example, you might be open from 8 am to 4 pm, but you might only do Brunch between 11 am and 1 pm.
Fill out any special hours that your business might be closed.
Fill out the primary phone number. You may add secondary phone numbers, but only the primary phone number will be shown to the public.
Fill out your profile short name. This creates a link like[yourcustomname], which is a lot friendlier than the long URL string pointing to your listing.
Fill out your website.
Add an appointment link if applicable 
Add products with descriptions if applicable
Add services with descriptions if applicable
Fill out the highlight section. These are unique features about your business that make you stand out from the rest.
Fill out the description. You can use up to 750 characters, but it's best to limit the characters to 250. This is because only the first 250 characters are seen in Google. A user would have to click to see the rest of your description.
Add the date you opened your business.
Add photos showing off your business. Avoid using stock images as Google does not recommend its use.

Under the advanced information, fill out a unique store code and add a Label for your internal use. This could be as simple as 001 or as complex as a unique code of your liking. Avoid using keywords such as Personal Injury Attorney in your store code and labels as it can cause a suspension. Enter a Google Ad phone number if you have a Google Ad extension.

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