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How to Move your GMB to a Different Location

I am looking to move to a different office. What steps should I take with my Google My Business to ensure the transition is smooth?

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How to Move your GMB to a Different Location

When you move your GMB listing you want to ensure you are moving your original GMB listing and not making a brand new listing.  The reason for this is, moving an established GMB listing will allow you to rank in Google Maps much sooner than making a brand new listing.  

To move your GMB listing, log into your Google My Business dashboard and click on the listing you wish to move.  Click on Reviews and take note of how many reviews you have. Click on Info, then click on the address, and enter your new address.  Sometimes Google will simply accept your new address.  If so, congratulations, you have successfully moved your GMB listing.  More times than not you will have to re-verify your listing though.

If Google asks you to re-verify your listing, you will have the option to send a postcard out, and sometimes Google will allow you to verify by phone or text.  If you are lucky and are given the option to verify by phone or text, take this option. Google will then send a pin to your respective phone number on file.  If your only option is the postcard method, be sure you can receive mail at your new address first, then request Google send you a postcard with your pin.  Once you’ve obtained the pin, enter the pin in your Google My Business dashboard. Congratulations, you have successfully moved your Google My Business listing.  It is important to note that your Google Map rankings might not be stable for about two weeks.  It is also important to note that not all your reviews will transfer over but as long as you have most of your reviews, your move will have been a huge success.

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