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Learn how you decline a suggested edit made your Google My Business?

How do I decline a suggested edit made on my Google My Business?

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How do I decline a suggested edit made on my Google My Business?

From time to time, your GMB listing might have a suggested edit made to it.  You can see suggested edits by logging into your Google My Business dashboard and click on the Info button on the left hand side.  Any section with a suggested edit will have orange text in it.  It's up to you to approve or deny the suggested edit.  Ignoring a suggested edit is the same as approving them so don’t ignore this check.  

If you accept the suggested edit made, simply hit the Approve button.  

If you don’t want the suggested edit made, go into the section with the edit and change it back to how it should reflect.

Sometimes, simply changing a suggested edit back will not work.  In this case, change the suggested edit back to what it's supposed to be and at the bottom left, click Manage Locations.  Click the listing with the suggested edit on it and at the right click the Actions button.  Click Discard.  This should discard the suggested edit.

There are times where even discarding will not work.  At this point you will have to reach out to Google support and they will resolve the issue.

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